Niko Kotiniemi

Discussion topics to learning to know the members of your team

New to managing a team? A new team to manage?

Improving the skills currently needed on the job

This one-on-one discussion topic is about learning and improving the skills necessary for doing the tasks expected in the role. The manager can and should give opinionated advice to support the employee's growth. It provides a structure, and a meeting invitation template, for these discussions.

Questions for interviewing a data engineer candidate

Questions that you can use to interview a data engineering

On the experience of collaborating, with the other members of the team

This one-on-one discussion topic is about increasing the understanding of the level and quality of collaboration between team members. Where teamwork could be more satisfactory and where it has been successful and motivating. The discussion closes with ideas on how to build on things that work well.

The parts of the job you like the most, and the least

Understanding your employees' preferences on the different parts of the job can help you support them more effectively. One way to improve this understanding is to discuss what tasks the employee likes and dislikes in a role. This an excellent topic for a one-on-one conversation!

The good and the bad managers you’ve had

Understanding your employees' past experiences with good and bad managers and what made them so can help you support them more effectively. One way to improve this understanding is to discuss this openly as a one-on-one topic.

Receiving and giving feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is crucial for professional development. This article is a ready-to-use discussion subject for a regular one-on-one meeting on giving and receiving feedback. The outline covers good and bad past experiences and concludes with brainstorming for improvement opportunities.

The Futures Triangle

The Futures Triangle is a helpful tool for mapping plausible possible futures in scenario planning. Using it, we approach the objective by identifying the forces of; the push of the present, the weight of history, and the pull of the future.